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TriLuma Dark Fader


Fades and diminishes hyperpigmentation (brown spots).  Must be applied onto skin 1x daily AT NIGHT ONLY.  Do not apply to skin in the morning.  Use 4-7x per week.  To see improvment, requires daily usage and patience.  Contains POTENT SKIN BLEACHING and cellure turn-over properties.  


  1. Fades dark spots and Melsama
  2. Balances skin tone
  3. Brightens skin and helps to create radiance

Caution:   Do not use this product if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding, nor on open wounds.

How to Use:

- Apply a pea-size amount 

- Gently rub into skin

- Apply Night Creme 

- Apply an extra coat onto dark spots

Size: 15g

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