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Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Hydrates Skin Cells

We offer a 100% PURE and very clean source of Hyaluronic Acid Serum aka HA. Our HA Serum is air permeable and penetrates directly into the epidermis to boost elasticity and promote hydration within the actual skin cells. HA causes the cells to retain more water molecules from within the body.

This action plumps & firms cells while the protective barrier of the skin locks in moisture. This inner cellular-hydration plumps up the skin, diminishes fine lines, and gives a very fresh youthful-appearance.

This product cannot used alone. It must be used inconjuction with a moisturizer. Apply immediately after cleansing your face every morning and night.

For optimum results, we recommend applying our PURE Vit-C serum 12%, a moisturizer and Sun Block SPF 30-50 after HA serum .

Use twice daily, morning and night.

1 fl. oz. - 30ml

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Benefits :

•Hydrates skin cells

•Creates moisture

•Refreshes skin

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How to Apply :

Step 1 - Wash face

Step 2 - Apply immediately after wash

Step 3 - Apply 3-4 drops to BOTH sides of face. Massage into skin.

Avoid contact inside eyes .

NOTE:  Adults over 35yrs only retain 60 % or less water in the cells .   This causes the skin to   appear  flat & dry. HA serum hydrates & plumps flat/dry cells.


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