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Vitamin-C serum 15%


Highly Potent - 100% Pure - Powerful Source of   Vitamin-C 15% serum

Delivers powerful antioxidant benefits for fighting Oxidative Stress & Free Radicals on the skin. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and integral factor in the quality and efficiency of the skin’s natural collagen.

The antioxidant benefits of our Vitamin-C help protect skin from harmful environmental influences, such as, UVA & UVB sun rays, destructive free radicals and pollutants. Free-radicals damage the skin by destroying healthy skin cells. Our formula has been carefully blended in a soft and soothing serum to promote healthy and visibly radiant skin.  

How to Use:

Apply  3-4 drops to each sde of face.  Use 1x daily,  mornings. 


•Protects skin from sun damage

•Diminishes sun spots

•Fights harmful free-radicals that destroy health skin cells

•Supports & builds collagen

•Helps build firmer skin

•Creates a dewy and radiant glow to skin

Size:   15ML

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